About company

Lihomanov was founded in 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic. The main activities of the company are supplies of filtering equipment, engines and spare parts for special equipment and commercial vehicles.

Lihomanov is a team of professionals
Among the many suppliers and distributors of similar products, our company first of all is allocated by a team, a team of people whose efforts are aimed at achieving a common goal - full satisfaction of the client's needs with the services provided. Our team does not leave requests for tomorrow and loads that can be delivered today.

We express full confidence that the company Lihomanov - the most reliable and stable supplier, in search of which is every company. You found what you were looking for! We work not with the goods, we work with people!
We supply filters of 5 brands: Donaldson, Separ, SF-Filter, MANN-Hummel, Baldwin, Hengst
Among our clients are multinational corporations with their production sites in Europe, CIS, Africa, South America; trading companies involved in the sale of our products in various regions of the world; trade and service enterprises, agricultural holdings, mining enterprises, construction companies.
Official distributor Donaldson
In 2017, there was a significant event in the life of the company, after several years of cooperation, Donaldson granted Lihomanov the authority of an official distributor. The company Donaldson entrusted us with its name and we with great respect and pleasure supply products to Donaldson consumers.

The Lihomanov brand is a responsibility, stability, reliability. Responsibility at each stage of a possible or realizable transaction. We value every customer and treat everyone with great attention. That's why all our customers become permanent, and one-time applications and orders are transformed into a systematic work. In addition, our customers have confidence that they will receive a quality product in accordance with all the agreements reached.
We work in the center of Europe, we deliver goods to Europe, CIS, Asia and Africa
We daily improve our service for our customers. We offer more reliable and faster ways of delivery, increase the efficiency of established transport corridors, favorable payment terms, installments.

Financial stability is provided by own funds, commodity credits of producers and the possibility of project financing from the largest banks in Europe. All this makes us a reliable partner for any business.