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Due to the great experience of work, both with corporate clients and small organizations around the world, LIHOMANOV understands the value of each penny and minute. We continuously work on optimization of material, information and human flows in order to minimize costs. This is vital, since this work allows us to offer a better price and save time for our client.

In the field of transport and warehouse logistics services we offer quality, timeliness and financial accessibility. Working with trusted companies, which we consider our partners, we offer:

  • Warehouse storage services;
  • Large fleet with rolling stock of various types;
  • We practice trucking with a combination of different modes of transport;
  • Different types of quality packaging;
  • Repackaging for optimization;
  • We provide the client with the opportunity to control the transportation process;
  • We provide related services, such as insurance;
  • We guarantee the optimal cost.

We are open for cooperation and are interested in finding new partners and concluding dealer agreements. We have vast experience and an opportunity to invest in the creation of warehouses of a dealer or consignment warehouses. We deliver to anywhere in the world, for us there are no insurmountable tasks!